Egg & Spoon Race!


Number of Players:

  • 1 (if trying for a best time)
  • >1 (if racing)


  • 45 mins

Materials Needed:

  • Marty the Robot
  • Laptop/Computer/Tablet
  • Access to either Scratch or Python editors
  • Plastic spoons
  • Materials to make an egg (see below for more info!)

The egg and spoon race has been around for decades now, but this activity updates it with a modern twist! Instead of carrying the egg and spoon yourself, you must train Marty to complete the race as quickly as possible.

If you are doing this activity alone you can compete against yourself to complete the race in the quickest time possible. Alternatively, if you have access to more than one Marty, you can compete with others, either individually or in small teams, to be the first to cross the finish line.

You can choose what to use for the "eggs". However, you’ll need to make sure they are not too heavy or your Marty will nose dive into the ground before the race has begun! We recommend small chocolate eggs, polystyrene eggs, hollow plastic eggs or ping-pong balls but you can use anything you find works well.



  1. Divide into teams so that each team has access to a Marty and a programming device
  2. Give each team a plastic spoon and "egg"
  3. The first challenge is to attach the spoon to Marty and place the egg in it. Where is it best to attach the spoon? Marty’s hand? His mouth? His head?!
  4. Program Marty to walk without using the built in walk commands (for tips on this you can look at lesson 1.13)
  5. Now experiment with different speeds and step lengths for Marty – you want him to walk as fast as possible without dropping the egg! If your feeling brave you can also choose to alter the program used to make Marty take a step.
  6. Once everyone has finished training their Marty it’s race time! Line up your Marty’s ready to race and decide on a finish line.
  7. Every time a Marty drops an egg they must return to the start line again
  8. The winner is the first person to cross the finish line with the egg still on their spoon

Have fun and let us know how you get on!