Easter Bingo

Celebrate Easter by playing a game based on Marty movements!

 what you will need

  • Marty the Robot
  • Laptop/Computer/Tablet
  • Access to either Scratch or Python editors
  • Easter bingo cards*
  • Challenge cards*

Duration & Number of Players

  • 45 Minutes 
  • 2 Players 

What will you learn about?

  • Experimentation 
  • Sequencing 

extra information for educators

This activity can be linked to the concepts covered in lesson pack Programming Concepts 1.


  1. You can use a single Marty and programming device per game (and pass them round) or each person can have their own. You also need one bingo card for each person playing to have one and a deck of challenge cards.

  2. Decide on the order of turns – such as youngest to oldest or tallest to smallest

  3. During your turn take the card at the top of the deck and complete the challenge on the card using the programming device and Marty. You can ask for help once from someone during the game but if they help you then they also get to cross off the the challenge card symbol on their bingo card…

  4. If everyone agrees that you have satisfied the challenge then you can match this symbol on your bingo card

  5. Repeat going around the group until one player has managed to tick off all symbols, in which case they have to shout EASTER BINGO!