LimeFX Review: Scam Update Know Your Rights

They have only availed their registration certificate, which does not mean much. Before you invest in any company, ensure they have a license. The pyramid scheme claims they are operating according to the law, and they are a legit platform.

Any referrals to 3rd parties may have computational rewards. There are a lot of brokers out there operating under fake company names or that have other fraudulent operations. A little bit of preliminary research can go a long way in protecting you and your finances. After taking a look at their website, it shows that they do not fall under any regulating agency. That should be enough for you NOT to invest with them.

  • Our experts are skilled in investigating sources of websites, viruses, networks and schemes to find the truth.
  • This led to some good results but also some bad losses.
  • You have the right to know who is dealing with your money and the qualification that they possess.
  • They will also have a financial consultant who will guide me on how to do trading.

My present account manager has been honest and has helped me recover some of my LimeFXs. In my previous reviews I focused on the short time frame and high volume (5-10vol) trading. This led to some good results but also some bad losses.

He made me do a similar setup on my laptop to set up the trading account on it like what he did on my mobile phone. You should submit a withdrawal request ASAP, because your funds are never safe with an unregulated broker. There are 5 main account types available with this broker. The difference is in leverage, spread, and minimum deposit. The broker is operating without a license, so it shouldn’t be providing its services anywhere. Based on the warnings from the regulatory bodies, we can conclude that the main targets of this broker are the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

I am making good money out of their trading signals and instruments. I face a few challenges on my first quarter such as pricing and platform. A successful funds recovery effort following a cryptocurrency scam starts with reporting a scam as soon as possible. Fill in the form and we will arrange for a representative to contact you to help you report a scam and get your fund recovery efforts started.

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There are multiple Forex Review websites that offer a “real” Review on this broker. In these articles you’ll find a lot of talk regarding the “guarantee security of funds”. While we agree that they do offer certain guarantees, we disagree with the nature of these promises.

Therefore, our review of LimeFX is a useful tool in making sound financial decisions. We understand exactly how it feels to lose money to these scammers as each of us has been there ourselves. That’s why we’ve set up this website to expose their dirty little secrets so you may not fall for their cheap scam tactics. Sometimes limefx website we may also recommend good businesses in case you wish to go for alternative products/services within these same industries. Remember, there are many fraudulent businesses on the internet than you can ever imagine. So always be cautious and do your due diligence before trusting anyone with your hard-earned funds.

LimeFX scam

We are also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. I always get messages and phone call checking how my trades are going. Upon understanding the same, I tried to create a withdrawal request and withdraw my money back and tried to speak to Mr Phillip Weber about it. He opened more trades on my account and said that he will send the money.

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If any regulator noticed this broker and its operations. According to, the registration of took place in August 2005 and will expire in August 2020. The company has been in the market for years now, yet there is no visible success stories or testimonials that can prove they are faring well in the market.

VIP Account – Information regarding who can qualify for this account is privileged information on the broker website. However the website does state that the client receives all of the prior mentioned in addition to negative-balance protection, asset trading and low market price difference. Prime Account – This account carries the highest minimum required deposit of all of the accounts with a minimum of $100,000 USD to begin. Clients who choose this account are offered access to hedging and a pro-trading portfolio.

Executive Account – This account is for individuals that would like to begin trading with a minimum deposit of $50,000 USD. The account comes with a trading portfolio and detailed market analysis. LimeFX is not a reliable broker, and they will leave you high and dry if you choose to invest in their platform. You will only lose money instead of maximizing your profit. The company has been in the market for over a decade, and the traffic they are getting is not good enough.

The digital currency that clients can trade with is Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The shady platform also claims they deal with commodities like oil, energies, precious metals, among others. claims their website is easy to navigate, and they have competitive prices in the market. Investors are welcome to utilize their trading features regardless of their experience.

As an offshore broker, it is very hard to track the activities of this company. Since it does not have any regulatory body above, the broker can practically do anything. They are very clever in getting you to pay via 3rd party transfers, so will ask you to buy bitcoin or gold and transfer that funding direct to them.

We recommend that our readers not trade with this broker and if you have an open account with this company, we suggest you try to withdraw your funds as soon as possible. ReportScamOnline now considers LimeFX Limited to be operating an online scam. The source of this information is the website and the broker’s trading platform listed in the Web section of this review. Please verify whether the broker is authorized to provide its services in your country of residence in accordance with the legal regulations that apply to its business. I am from the profit ix small account department I have been working with them who has been helping me to learn the basics of trading on the stock market.

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If one realizes early they may lose less than their life savings. We’ve compiled a list of what this company actually provides to clients based on actual conversations with clients. This LimeFX Review will help to shed some light on how Forex broker scam activities work and help you understand if LimeFX qualifies as a Forex scam. The market has many scammers who are becoming smarter each passing day. If you see a deal that is too good to be true, please walk away while you still can.

  • The company brags they are a highly reputable broker in the industry, yet there is no evidence of them assisting investors in attaining their financial goals.
  • We have developed our research methods through years of working closely with regulators, banks, and government organizations connected with the financial industry.
  • When you need the highest level of accuracy for expert witness or ediscovery, turn to
  • It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews.

If you fallen victim please leave a review and a comment on this site at the comment section. Also, when these people change their website they tend to call the old clients, so if they call you from a new website please write it down on the comment or let us know it by contacting us. That would be really appreciated by us and families all over world. Also if you get phone calls from other companies please put the name of these companies also in the comment or send it to us.

🆓 What is the LimeFX minimum deposit?

The company proclaims they are a transparent entity with various asset class trading. Additionally, they assure scammed by limefx investors their funds are in safe hands. Sadly, this is not the case, as the platform is not legit.

  • We have done a thorough investigation of LimeFX and want to share our findings with you.
  • Investors are welcome to utilize their trading features regardless of their experience.
  • After conducting some research on various social media platforms , as well as online trading forums, a general theme emerged where users were dissatisfied with their experience with LimeFX.
  • If the trustworthiness rating is too low then the website may be unsafe.

In our broker reviews, we discuss trading products, such as stocks, commodities, ETFs, forex, options, CFDs, bonds, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Some brokers may offer a wide selection of trading products, whereas others may focus on one area, such as forex. Keep in mind that some types of trading, such as CFDs may be restricted in certain countries. Most consumers will read a review before making purchases on eCommerce platforms. It is perhaps even more important to do a careful check on brokers before signing up for their services.

Overall the account climbed but after one year of trading I still have not reached my goal of an AUD 100,000 account. Just lately my trader mentioned to try trading longer timeframes and smaller volumes . So far the result is excellent both for health reasons as well as positive trading results.

After taking a look at their website, it shows that they do not fall under any regulating agency…. If you like to trade please do it with a trustworthy, regulated broker, by choosing one of the brokers listed below. If you sent them a wire, there is no way to perform a chargeback on a wire. For this step you need to raise the fight to a different level. Tell them that you will go to the authorities and file a complaint against them. Another thing you can do is prepare a letter or email for the regulating agencies.