The 17 Best Display Ad Examples & Why They Work

banner ads examples
banner ads examples

Banner advertisement is still a very popular field in many ways, and there are many forms that a banner can take depending on the use case. Food banners, on the other hand, are in their own league entirely when it comes to different means of advertising – even though the main principles are mostly the same. Speaking of shopping experiences, this particular Facebook banner is also using a simple but effective strategy of letting the banner image speak for itself. “Simple and straightforward” is how you can describe this “leaderboard” banner type. The image of the product in question is there to visualize the advertised product and the overall red color palette is reminiscent of a hot day under the sun. Banners are one of the most important resources available to online advertisers.

  • This becomes clear from the landing page with a dedicated video all about the human sense of hearing and sound design.
  • By offering help at the beginning of their home financing journey, they introduce their services to readers with perfect timing.
  • Through Google Ads, you can create a single ad or a group of ads, and distribute it across their widespread network.

This ad places acne sufferers’ worst nightmare front and center, right next to the perfectly-named Stubborn Texture Acne Cleanser. Their target audience is naturally compelled to click on the ad. It Cosmetics have upped the amperage with an enormous bright product image, a captivating product name, huge text, and a hard-to-resist promise. Every part of this ad pulls its weight to get your click.

A web banner design should be carefully created with a balance of innovation, creativity, and purpose. Banner ads are designed keeping in mind two primary purposes- impressions and click-through numbers. Banner ads are the most widely viewed form of display advertising. Instead, it is rather aimed at directing them to a smile assessment page . The display network then distributes the ad to relevant websites, and the brand pays the network.

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It’s never a bad idea to let your prospects know that they only have X hours left to take advantage of whatever promotion you’re running at the moment. Call-to-action ad buttons increase the CTR of your website. Depending on your goal, you’ll want to use illustrations or photos . Stick to relevant content only, offer specific info about your offer and invite the viewer to click-through. Slideshow Ad that uses a selection of images or videos, with an added musical soundtrack . Facebook’s right column ads used to be the standard for all Facebook ads.

An overly complicated image can kill the purpose of the digital advert. Facebook advertisement has a surprising amount of differences when it comes to comparing it with Instagram advertising. Most of these differences are just the differences between social media sites, really, but the advertisement tends to differ, too. This post above is a good example of that, promoting European furniture with a specific style. The amount of free space on a banner allows for a lot of variety and creativity – or minimalism, as this example suggests.

The service name is visible, and the phrase under it aptly defines what the service is all about. This is a great break from the generic style of banner ads for services. Apple is one of those brands that surely knows what they are doing and which part of their strategy will work without fail. banner ads examples In its banner ad for the iPad, they convey a clear message using a single image and limited text. The background is completely plain, and the white contrasts well with the black color of the product image. We selected the best 15 HTML5 animated banner examples that you can get inspired from.

This is a good example of the proper use of full text in a Cisco animated banner ad. An offer of quick breakfasts in a bright banner with a photo of the meal and cost. This bright banner offers a recipe for original Disney cupcakes in the form of Winnie-the-Pooh. An animated banner demonstrates using a new washing machine as part of the interior. Brand orange color and simple offer to join Home Depot – a minimalist banner.

Online advertisement is basically everywhere nowadays, and a big part of it is displayed as banner ads. At this point, there are so many ads that you barely notice most of them in the first place – which is exactly the intention of banner makers. The best cases of banner advertising are looking as a part of the website’s design, keeping up with the same theme, and standing out at the same time. This type of ad is the perfect solution for smaller spaces.

Yummly knows how to get your attention and make you feel good about yourself. In their banner ad, you can clearly see how their smart thermometer will make your cooking easier. Microsoft’s Azure app developer ad takes the typical “free trial” offer to a new level. They give their readers full control over the app testing period instantly making this ad more click-worthy.

An effective CTA button will likely be large, stand out in color and include microcopy that instructs users on what to do next. Some good CTA examples include “learn more,” “shop now,” “sign up,” “free trial,” or “get discount” inform users on what will happen after they click the button. Static web ads are designed as a single image that is most commonly uploaded as a JPG, GIF, or PNG to the ad network. For each different ad size that will display in a campaign, a separate piece of creative is necessary.

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A rather simple ad of an online security problem in blue tones and a noticeable action button. Banner with AT&T animation with the ad designed in a brand blue color. Look simple – usually, the user sees the banner for a few seconds, so there is no need to make too complicated effects. However, everything should be as simple as possible and interesting at the same time. Call to action – it should be a text or a button that should attract the user and encourage them, E.g., “find out more,” “see now,” “Select,” etc. All the information that you shared with us is very useful and important that we can use it in our business.

banner ads examples

But really, they aren’t marketing their car directly with this ad. Instead, they are marketing their latest innovation—the new speaker system in their Lexus ES. The New York Times is leveraging current trends to convey a strategic message through their display ad. They also match the ad creative to the ad size, rather than just sizing down the house and car from the skyscraper. Just look at this leaderboard ad for the Apple TV gift card. They highlight the colorful cards themselves and use four words of copy in total.That might sound like it’s not enough, but because of word selection, the ad copy works well.

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It should be a price offer, e.g., discounts up to 30%, specials, or an attractive offer such as premium quality, long-term guarantee, etc. Also, CISCO showed that they are an international company and they can target multiple nationality users. Bing is a great example of how to design a banner ad for the right user. Here’s another great example of a banner ad that directly addresses a common myth.

An appropriate size that offers effective performance if placed in sidebars and main content. This is a very noticeable ad, which is why it is a common choice for most publishers. Also called the ‘Medium Rectangle”, this ad is very favorable among most online businesses. It performs well if placed in the sidebar and between organic content, which means it could potentially attract a wider audience. Brands use various techniques and tools to measure their banner ads’ effectiveness at enhancing the flow of traffic.


Planet Fitness’s limited-time offer gives potential customers every reason to click the ad and get more info. This too-good-to-pass-up offer is guaranteed to compel clicks and make sales. The contrasting colors in this small ad get your attention. In just a few seconds you know what you’ll get or miss out on when you click on their ad. The bright image and text with contrasting dark colors help draw your eyes.

If you somehow manage to resist clicking the first time, they’ll get your click eventually as your curiosity builds. The images and the text tell a captivating story that’s hard to ignore. It’s got to grab their attention and then show them what they’ll get if they click your ad. You may have to test a number of images before you find the best-performing one for your campaign. Banner advertisements are one of the first forms of digital marketing. Most of the website owners tend to sell their advertisement space through one of the ad services, such as Google AdSense.

I only hope that with these banner ads I remind you to look at your favorite tv series on Netflix. This is exactly why Netflix is doing this with their banner ads. They are using them to promote their tv series and other services you need after a hard day at work. Every time I have an idea and I’m not in front of my laptop I open the Evernote App and write it down. Evernote is a great tool that every marketer or businessman should use.

Plus, the marketers at nCino understand that they’re working with a long sales cycle—hence the use of a low-pressure CTA. They probably could have created a bit more contrast between the button color and the background color, but we’ll give ’em a pass. We’ve all seen the use of banners to advertise goods and services in brick-and-mortar stores.

If you like the celebrity advertising the product or service, you’ll want to know why it’s great and how you can do the same. With the increase of mobile trafic during the last decade, adapting to different platforms and devices has become crucial. You cannot afford to only produce banners for desktop devices since 50% of web traffic comes from mobile. Look for HTML5 banner formats that will adapt to your audience devices. Do not forget to choose your message according to your goal. Whether it’s retargeting or prospecting, the message of your HTLM5 animated banner should match the purpose.