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The facilitator can award bonus points for answers which demonstrate particularly good interpretation of the subject matter included in the readings. Teams must listen to the readings so as to answer questions later, posed by the team asking the questions. Taking written notes while listening is optional at the discretion of the facilitator. If useful and relevant to the skills required then include this aspect. This obviously does not carry the aspect of desperation present in the traditional ‘stranded’ exercise – instead it gets people focusing on real issues of diversity and personal challenge in a more useful sense. To achieve a competitive balance each team should be able both to offer an adviser and to benefit from the help of an advisor from another team. The exercise can also be adapted for individuals to work alone, and could potentially be used in a group selection recruitment event, in which case group members people should be given time for research and preparation before the presentation day.

So think of some activities on which to build your event – to give people some entertainment apart from eating and drinking. As with the food, you can keep things very simple if you give the event a theme , and make the drinks fit the theme. Is there a staff-member with very good catering experience/skills who can help you plan and manage the event? If you have a kitchen , then you can handle a certain amount of hot food. If you don’t have a kitchen, then be creative with some camping stoves or an outside barbecue.

Masters and Clerks Breakfast followed by Common Hall

This is helpful for understanding how to deal with corporations from a selling viewpoint, and is also useful in providing a perspective of organisational culture for management and supervisory training. Organise the team and debating activities to suit the audience and context. This can include debating, presenting, role-playing, brainstorming, listing and mapping key factors – anything that fits your aims and will be of interest and value to people. The subject also provides a thought-provoking warm-up discussion for any session dealing with ethics, morality, compassion, leadership, decision-making, and organisational culture, etc. Alternatively ask people individually or the team to prepare or research examples of other organisations’ equality policies, with a view then to suggesting and discussing as a group all of the relevant aspects which could for used for your own situation.

Many of the boys enthusiastically got stuck in, eager to win the free take away offered to the winner. Yin Lin impressed all with his daily cycles and rows, clocking in over 10k each day!

Court Meeting and Winter Dinner at Trinity House

We first looked at colours in paintings to understand that each colour has different shades. Then the children explored different Mosques around the world and we discussed what makes them beautiful. It came down to the fact that they are so detailed and have amazing geometric/repeating patterns. The children then sketched their mosque first, before adding watercolour paints to it. Hopefully, you enjoyed seeing them displayed in the classroom last night. Starting off with the class party on Monday, we had a lovely afternoon round Mrs Braid’s house. I am – as I am sure you are all too – extremely grateful to Mrs Ralph for all of the hard work that she put in to making this such a special occasion.

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Focusing on how we would want to be remembered helps develop a fundamental aim or idea from which people can then ‘work back’ and begin to think about how they will get there and what needs to change in order for them to do so. Using iconic and famous characters enables participants to relate quickly to the personalities and broad issues. Characters and situations are instantly recognisable and instantly available for all sorts of role-play situations. Role-plays produce significant benefits for the participants and observers – and provide evidence icebreakers for virtual meetings of learning retention and comprehension – but giving people suitably interesting parts to play usually requires a lot of preparation. Even given good preparation, case-studies which are too mundane or too close to real work situations can hinder enjoyment and the necessary detachment and focus on techniques. This is especially applicable when planning role-plays in training for appraisals, job interviewing, counselling, disciplinary meetings, coaching, etc., when it’s important to get people practising and observing techniques and learned skills.

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Thoughts can be shared and discussed or kept private; the type of review and follow-up depends on the situation. Buy a few chocolate bars and tubes of sweets – one or two of the main varieties – and see how the groups responds to them. What correlation is there between favourite chocolate bar and personality? What are the brilliant marketing and packaging successes and abject failures? When people are connecting more regularly and the telephone chats are up and running, maybe try introducing a few discussion subjects – not necessarily about work – anything to get people talking and understanding each other better.

  • The number of roles can be the same as the number of delegates, especially if you choose to extend the activity.
  • Everything ran to time and it was a very interesting 50 minutes or so.
  • The spelling words to be practised are play, tray, made, game, sea, treat, fever, secret.
  • Some people find it draining or are unable to find the time for it.

You can stipulate that the facing pairs each have a turn at questioning and answering, or that one is the questioner and the other the answerer. Whatever, ensure that everyone has a chance to ask questions and to give answers. If appropriate nominate one line as the questioners and the other line as the answerers. You can provide strict instructions relating to questions and answers or just ask the people to engage in general introductory conversation as they see fit.

Our cookery boxes are are lovingly packed from our warehouse, everything is labeled, dated and then shipped by our partner courier companies which we track. The whole process is super easy for the booker, we take care and manage everything.

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Zoom Thanksgiving: The 7 best games to play on that holiday family call.

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We then moved to “break out” rooms for some free-flowing conversation over dinner – we were in a room with Masters from Goldsmiths, Gardeners, Glaziers, Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers, Guild of Freemen and the Master-Elect of the Chartered Accountants. We also had a brief visit from the Master Horner, who popped into various rooms during the evening. Julia and I joined the Civic Team, other Masters, Clerks and Consorts plus Liverymen from the Worshipful Company of Turners for an interesting and informative evening about the “Art and Mysterie” of the Turners’ craft. After a welcome from the Master, Melissa Scott, we were treated to the first performance of the Turners’ Fanfare – composed and played by Thomas Pickering of the Guildhall School – which was specially commissioned for the current Lord Mayor. We were then put into “break out” rooms where Julia and I were able to chat to the Master of the Merchant Taylors’ Company of York and his wife and two Liverymen from the Worshipful Company of Woolmen and their Consorts over dinner.