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Intro to Marty Scratch

Intro to Marty the robot Learn how to program your Marty using Scratch, and a few tips for getting the most from your robot friend!what you will needA Scratch 3 compatible device with Wifi – a laptop or tabletMarty the RobotWhat will you learn about?How Marty behaves, and how to care for your MartyHow to […]

Marty’s Winter Wipeout

Using bump switches, code Marty to take on a Winter Wipeout obstacle course of your own design!

Marty with Scratch & The Micro:Bit

See how you can use your Micro:Bit with Marty using Scratch 3!

Distance Sensor Introduction

Explore Marty’s environment with distance sensors!

Shaking Hands with Marty

Shake hands with Marty and learn about how to measure force placed on his joints!

The Marty Bell Orchestra

We made a set of Martys play songs on a set of bells!