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Marty’s Balancing Act

marty’s balancing act!  IntroductionMarty has a new job serving food and drink at a posh restaurant! How much can be loaded onto the tray before it becomes too heavy and Marty drops it all?!Using Scratch 3, you’ll program Marty the waiter to hold a tray and sense it’s weight. Take it in turns placing coins […]

Introduction to Scratch – A Beginners Guide

Introduction to Scratch – a guide for beginners A guide to help you understand the basics of Scratch and how to get started with sequential block codingwhat is scratch?Take a look here: is a block-based visual programming language and online community targeted primarily at children. In computing, a visual programming language is a language that […]

Making a Game in Scratch – A Beginners Guide

make a game in scratch Create a fun game in Scratch featuring a hungry cat and a tasty muffin!Introduction This tutorial shows you how to build a fun game in Scratch which you can then make more complicated by adding extra features. In the game, you play the part of a tasty muffin being chased by […]

Auto Draft

Shaking hands with marty Create your own secret handshake using the force sensors that are on some of Marty’s jointsIntroduction Using Scratch 3, you will create an interactive program when you get to shake hands with Marty, extending it to create your very own secret handshake with a robot.To start off the handshake, Marty will […]

Test Post

This is just a test post

Auto Draft

Easter Bingo!

Easter Bingo!

Shaking Hands with Marty

Shake hands with Marty and learn about how to measure force placed on his joints!