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Christmas Jumper Comp

Design a STEM Themed Christmas Jumper for Marty and Win a Marty V2 for your School!It’s gotten very cold outside and Marty needs your help! Can you design a Christmas jumper based on a STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) theme?Your jumper could feature anything related to STEM, from shapes to bridges to equations! Or […]

Marty’s Balancing Act

marty’s balancing act!  IntroductionMarty has a new job serving food and drink at a posh restaurant! How much can be loaded onto the tray before it becomes too heavy and Marty drops it all?!Using Scratch 3, you’ll program Marty the waiter to hold a tray and sense it’s weight. Take it in turns placing coins […]

Introduction to Scratch – A Beginners Guide

Introduction to Scratch – a guide for beginners A guide to help you understand the basics of Scratch and how to get started with sequential block codingwhat is scratch?Take a look here: is a block-based visual programming language and online community targeted primarily at children. In computing, a visual programming language is a language that […]

Making a Game in Scratch – A Beginners Guide

make a game in scratch Create a fun game in Scratch featuring a hungry cat and a tasty muffin!Introduction This tutorial shows you how to build a fun game in Scratch which you can then make more complicated by adding extra features. In the game, you play the part of a tasty muffin being chased by […]

Shaking Hands with Marty

Shake hands with Marty and learn about how to measure force placed on his joints!