How will Marty help your students engage with STEM?

"It moves the lessons from theoretical to practical and pupils can see the interaction between software and hardware. Marty is cute and engaging which makes it easy to introduce him in the classroom."


What's in a class pack?

  • 10 Marty Robots - kits or assembled
  • WiFi router with offline Scratch - Marty works without using school wifi
  • 10 Robot charger
  • Printed Educator's Guide
  • Customisable sticker sheets
  • Video call support from the Robotical team

Lesson Plans and Example Activities Included

Our starter lesson plans include handouts and workbooks, making it even more simple to get started with Marty.

Or make your own, we've got lots of activities online to inspire you

The Technical Details

Marty is a fully programmable, WiFi enabled walking robot for makers, kids and educators. The Marty Education Pack contains 10 Marty the Robots (kits or assembled, your choice) plus everything you need to integrate Marty into your club or classroom.

By helping to promote creativity and learning through invention and play, Marty makes learning about programming and engineering a fun and engaging process. Marty acts as an gateway into computer sciences and can grow with the child from early education to their senior phase. By empowering students, Marty allows for inventive learning, engaging the child’s creativity and promoting their STEM skills.

How does Marty the Robot work in a class or code club?

Marty is programmed over WiFi, so you can have as many robots as you like connected and running in your class or club. The education packs come with a command hub which generates its own WiFi network and runs a version of Scratch, to help you get Marty up and running without requiring school WiFi or internet access

The Specs for each Marty are as follows:

Number of motors
  • 9 - six in the legs, one per arm, and one for the eyebrows
  • Includes four high torque metal geared servo motors and five plastic geared ones
  • Stickers included for quick customisation
  • Extra sensors/motors can be added
  • Easily expanded with an onboard Raspberry Pi, then add a camera, microphone, etc.
  • All parts are 3D printable, so you can fully customise them
  • 3-axis accelerometer - including tilt sensing
  • Motor current sensing - can tell how hard the joints are working, and detect interactions like you touching his arm
  • Two bump sensors included - can detect floor contact, feet hitting obstacles, or be used as inputs
  • Add a Raspberry Pi to be able to add camera and/or microphone
  • WiFi, Serial, i2c
  • All software is free and open source
  • Interfaces for Scratch, Python, Javascript
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) with Raspberry Pi
  • Takes 2-3 hours, moderately challenging. Adult supervision required if under 14
Multiple Robots
  • Get as many Martys as you want on the same WiFi network.
  • Good for classes, football, and synchronised dances
  • Onboard buzzer for beeping
Battery Life
  • Rechargeable 1400mAh Lithium battery and charger included
  • 1.5-2 hours on a charge
  • On board battery recharging using supplied USB cable

This 10 Pack of Martys for Educators includes:-

A Marty kit comes with everything you need to build a walking robot, including a screwdriver. You’ll get:

  • All the plastic parts to build a Marty - 54 parts
  • Servo motors. To make Marty move. You’ll get four metal geared ones for the main drive motors, and five more standard motors for the leg twist, arm and eyebrow movements.
  • Screws. For screwing. And some spares in case you drop some.
  • Control board. To plug everything into and actually make Marty do stuff.
  • WiFi. Yep, that’s on the control board.
  • Starter sensors. A couple of buttons/bump switches, an accelerometer for measuring tilt (and acceleration), current sensing to see how much work the motors are doing
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery, and battery charger
  • Software. For remote control, and for programming in languages including Scratch, Python and C++.
  • Instructions, although we have a lot of web based content!
  • A screwdriver, the only tool you’ll need to build a Marty
An assembled Marty in a class pack comes ready to use, plug in the command hub, turn on your Martys, and you're ready to go!

real coding

Scratch, Python, Javascript, and more. Nothing proprietary, only useful programming languages for your students to learn

real engineering

If you choose to build your own Martys, your students get hands on with nuts, bolts, motors and electronics. Our educators guide shows you how to split the build of each robot between 1-3 students

real robotics

Marty is usable from KS2 until university level. Upgradable and expandable along the way, Marty can give your students access to real life robotics learning tools.

Want a Class Pack?

Just choose whether you'd like kits or assembled robots.

If you need to order by invoice, you want a different number of robots, or for anything else, please get in touch!