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Intro to Scratch – Marty Catches Falling Food

Use the built-in force sensors to create a secret handshake with your Marty

Marty Handshake v2

Use the built-in force sensors to create a secret handshake with your Marty

Going over the Edge v2

GOING over the edge Learn how to give Marty the ability to sense where the edge of the table isIntroduction On the front and bottom of Marty’s feet there are some special sensors that help Marty sense different obstacles around them. In this activity we will show you how to use the sensors on the […]

Teach Marty to Walk v2

Teach Marty to WalkLearn to break down commands by teaching Marty how to walk!Introduction Using Scratch 3, you will code Marty walking without using the built in command. You will need to think about how different parts of Marty’s body need to move to step right and left. You will progress from writing simple code […]

Intro to Marty Scratch v2

Intro to Marty the robot Learn how to program your Marty using Scratch, and a few tips for getting the most from your robot friend!what you will need A device with our Marty the Robot v2 app downloaded and up to date Marty the Robot v2 What will you learn about? How Marty behaves, and […]

Winter Olympics: Skiing Marty

Winter Olympics: Skiing MartyDesign and build a pair of robot skis then code Marty to become a cross country skiing robotIntroduction You will design and build a suitable pair of robot skis for Marty then you will breakdown the individual movements needed to make Marty slide along a surface. Finally, you will use Scratch 3 […]

Marty’s Super Speed Investigation

Marty’s Super Speed InvestigationWho would win in a Marty race? Get Marty on a starting line, write code for a countdown timer, investigate how far Marty moves in this time then get super speedy with Marty…ready…steady…GO!!!This cross-curricular activity involves the concepts of distance, speed and time. After coding a countdown timer, parallel programming is used […]

Marty’s Winter Wipeout

Using bump switches, code Marty to take on a Winter Wipeout obstacle course of your own design!

Marty’s Groovy Graphing

Use Marty’s distance sensor to create displacement-time graphs of a moving object

Going Fishing with Marty

You can tell Marty when to pull the fishing rod out of the water to catch some fish using the built-in force sensors!