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Enjoy a FREE trial offer with a REAL, walking robot!

Why Put Marty To The Test?

  • Instant Connection - Marty is a humanoid robot with a big personality that creates an instant human connection!
  • STEAM class in a box - Marty comes with lesson plans ready for your classroom
  • Video & chat support with our inhouse experts to train and help you become a STEM champion
  • Integrates with other areas of learning - Such as Language, Math and Health & Wellbeing
  • Lots of flexibility in use - Marty is best suited for grades 2-8 but the functionaility and learning resources supports all pupils through K-12!

Still unsure?

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How the Free Trial Works

We have a limited time offer that can really help you achieve the engagement you want with your students and empower the next generation! Over the course of our 2 week trials with schools like yours in Texas we will be providing free teacher training in coding and robotics, gathering feedback and encouraging you to put Marty to the test with your students.

  • We begin by having a short call to discuss suitability, start dates for delivery and to schedule your first video training call with one of our experts to coincide with when you receive your Marty.

  • We will then ship a robot out to you which you will use throughout the trial.

  • At the end of the trial we will gather final thoughts and arrange for the collection of your Marty by sending a pre-paid label for you to attach to the box we sent it to you in. There is no obligation to pay for anything in this trial, we cover all the costs involved and all we ask is that you consider purchasing Marty as a resource for your school based on your experience.


Marty is built to last. If you wanted to buy some after your trial and anything goes wrong send them back within 2 years for a refund or replacement.


We cover all delivery & collection costs. You could have your Marty by next week!