win a free Marty the Robot + 25hrs of activities worth £265

Winners of our Free Marty the Robot will get to...

  • Code him to walk, dance, turn, wiggle his eyebrows, Play Interactive Games and more
  • Learn STEM skills like programming, robotics, and electronics
  • Fill the day with 25 hours of self-guided online classes
  • Have months of fun with their new robot companion

Enter Now For A Chance To Win

Enter Now For A Chance To Win

proud (relaxed!) parents love marty

Rob Dobson
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Superb robot which has been great fun to build. Our kids found him much more interesting than rolling balls or Lego kits.
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The robot is great! It is exactly what is supposed to be! A good friend and a perfect learning tool for our only child! ❤️
Ali Grieve
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This is the first time either of my twin boys have come home from school asking whether they could have a classroom tool at home! Best homework hack ever!”
Nicki Kennedy
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My two girls love Marty the Robot, it's such a great way to introduce kids to coding and building, it's making them think more about the everyday items we use too!
Vivek Ahtty
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Robotical's Marty the Robot will create and develop the minds of a new generation of Robot makers.


Marty has moves...

See them in action!

Have weeks of fun bringing Marty to life

Stuck at home? School closed? Keep your kids busy discovering how to make Marty the Robot walk, turn, kick, dance, and wiggle his eyebrows!

He’s a mighty capable robot with controllable motors and sensors that help him react to the environment. Connect your favourite device to Marty, get coding, and see what you can make him do.

Equip your kids with future-proof STEM skills

Who said STEM had to be boring? Your children will learn to code in Scratch and eventually Python and JavaScript. They’ll also learn the basics of robotics and electronics as they level their Marty up.

Marty offers a fun challenge for the whole family. Whether it’s some basic dance moves for preteens, or complex coding and robotics customisation for young teens (and big kids *ahem* adults!).

Structure the day with 25+ hours of online lessons

Marty comes with 25+ hours of practical, self-guided lessons and activities. These will guide your children as they learn to code. The added incentive of making Marty do crazy moves keeps them extra motivated.

These lessons have been developed for educational institutions, so they’re great for keeping your kids occupied during the day – making video games instead of playing them.

Level Marty up with advanced coding and robotics

Mastered the basics? Test your childrens’ creativity with custom codable actions in Python and JavaScript – real-world programming languages used by professionals.

Marty can also be upgraded with 3D printed parts and new sensors. You can attach a Raspberry Pi, camera, microphone, and functional hands. Eventually, Marty can even play football by himself!

He’s small, but mighty capable

Marty’s a hit with the press...

“Alter how children learn about mechanics and computer programming.”
“Unlike a smart toy, it’s a serious platform for learning.”
“Sure, there are tons of other robots made for kids, but Marty is astonishingly special.”
“Marty takes things to the next level.”