Marty Users

Here is everything you need to make the most of your Marty!


Go here first if you've just got your Marty, or you're wanting to rebuild or change some settings.

There's info on the build, WiFi setup, calibration, and how to remote control Marty


Head here to get coding, and see activities and examples for what you can do with your Marty.

This is also where you'll find expansions and 3D printable files!


We love educators of all kinds, so you get your own section. Lesson plans, learning tools, and tips and tricks for using Marty in your class or code club!

Latest Marty Activities

Going Fishing with Marty

You can tell Marty when to pull the fishing rod out of the water to catch some fish using the built-in force sensors!

Marty Handshake

Use the built-in force sensors to create a secret handshake with your Marty