Ages 7-11 (Second Level/KS2)

Intro to Marty the Robot

Intro to Programming

Getting Comfortable with Scratch

Marty Dance Party

Intro to Loops

Intro to Events

Parallel Programming

Intro to Variables

Intro to If Statements

Intro to Logic Operators

Intro to Functions

Intro to Parameters

Teaching Marty How to Walk

Obstacle Course Challenge 1

Bump Switches

Obstacle Course 2

Secret Handshake


Marty Micro:Bit Bingo

Using the Micro:Bit Display

Marty Football

Fastest Reaction

Hack Snakes & Ladders

Ages 11-14 (Third & Fourth Level/KS3)

Intro to Marty the Robot

Marty Dance Party

Building a Remote Control

Obstacle Course Challenge

Additional Learning Materials & Worksheets

Marty Says Cards

Label Marty Worksheet

Paper Marty Worksheet

Obstacle Course Designs

Bump Switches Card Game

Marty Micro:Bit Bingo Dice

Fastest Reaction Game Board

Snakes & Ladders Game Board

Easter Lesson Plans & Resources

Marty's Easter Dash

Easter Bingo

Egg & Spoon Race

Christmas Lesson Plans & Resources

Marty's Winter Race

Marty Saves Christmas

Marty's Christmas Tale