Getting started

Welcome to the Marty family! Select your Marty to begin!

Edu & Class packs

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Edu pack Quick Start videos

Got a Command Hub? Watch these videos to get started quickly!

Robot Kit Setup Guide

Robot Pre-built SetUp Guide

First time setup


This online build guide has loads more detail, and videos to show you exactly how to build your Marty.

Skip this if your Marty is already built!


There are two ways to connect to Marty - connecting him to your WiFI network, or using direct connect to control him without external WiFi.

If you got an assembled education set, your Martys should already be set up!


Walking is tricky. Make sure your Marty's joints are in alignment to get the best balance possible!

You can skip this if you bought an assembled Marty

What Next?

Once you have an assembled and calibrated Marty you can control over WiFi, you're ready to get onto the really fun stuff!

If you ever need to change Marty to a different WiFi network, have a look again at the WiFi instructions. Normally though, once your Marty is connected to your WiFi network, you won't need to go near the WiFi settings again!

Have a look at the Play section to see how you can remote control your Marty, then...

Head across to the Using Marty section to get started programming and expanding your Marty, and check out the activities below.

Latest Activities for Marty

Street Fighter Marty

Using Python, you can transform your Marty into Maryu, the Street Fighter Marty, extending it to use the attacks and taunts that you want!

Marty Army

Create your very own Marty Army by connecting and coding more than one Marty at the same time using Python!

Going Fishing with Marty

You can tell Marty when to pull the fishing rod out of the water to catch some fish using the built-in force sensors!

Marty Handshake

Use the built-in force sensors to create a secret handshake with your Marty

  Need Help?!

Marty is a complex robot, so if you need a hand with anything please don't hesitate to get in touch! We've got a couple of resources to help you get unstuck, including our User Fourm, FAQs and Support channels. You can chat with our support folks through the circular icon at the bottom right of every webpage, too.