WiFi Setup

Marty is controlled and programmed over WiFi, but there are three ways to use Marty's WiFi!

1. Connect Marty to your WiFi network

This is the most common way to connect to Marty. There's a one time set up where you tell Marty your WiFi network details, and then every time you turn Marty on he'll connect to that network.

2. Class Pack? Use one of our snazzy command hubs

School WiFi networks can be complicated to connect to. So, every Marty class pack comes with a little WiFi router that also runs Scratch without needing an external internet connection. We call it a command hub.

It creates a little Marty network wherever you plug it in, and you can connect your Martys and your computers to it

3. Direct Connect

Sometimes there just isn't a WiFi network available. Or you might not want to go through the full WiFi set up process.

In those cases you can connect to Marty directly!