Using Marty

Starting to program Marty is really easy. If you're a first time programmer you'll want to start with Scratch, and more advanced users can use Python or Javascript.

For even more advanced users, head to the Expand section to see how you can do things like adding a Raspberry Pi and camera, 3D print parts, and run ROS, the Robot Operating System

And don't forget to check out the activities section for fun Marty projects

Programming Guides


Drag and drop coding by MIT, the quickest way to get your Marty moving!


A widely used a fast growing programming language, used in the real world in everything from websites to robots


The language that lets websites make shiny things. Code your Marty straight from your browser.


This section will show you how to do everything from using bump switches, to adding a Raspberry Pi, or even 3D printing your own custom parts.


Tips and Tricks

Wee guides for getting the best from your Marty


Need help with something? Or have an idea for an activity or expansion you'd like to see?

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