Using Marty

Starting to program Marty is really easy. If you're a first time programmer you'll want to start with Scratch, and more advanced users can use Python or Javascript.

For even more advanced users, head to the Expand section to see how you can do things like adding a Raspberry Pi and camera, 3D print parts, and run ROS, the Robot Operating System

And don't forget to check out the activities section for fun Marty projects

This guide covers the behaviours of Marty, basically what the robot
does when and (probably) why. Reading this will give you a good overview of the whole

Scratch is the simplest way to program a Marty if you're a complete beginner. It has a simple graphical interface and blocks you can combine
to build up a program.

Python is a full-fledged programming language you can use to control Marty and develop more complex programs. This is an Introductory Tutorial for our Python Library.

You can use Javascript on a webpage to communicate with Marty over a websocket using the JavaScript API

You can build an all-in-one Robot by putting a Raspberry Pi in Marty's head. This allows control over the Serial Port directly with Rick. Both the Python library and ROS integrations support this mode of operation.

ROS, the Robot Operating System is an amazing set of serious Robotics tools used by industry and academia. We've got ROS libraries for Marty, and the ability to simulate Martys in Coppelia Robotics' V-REP simulator.


This section will show you how to do everything from using bump switches, to adding a Raspberry Pi, or even 3D printing your own custom parts.


A Sense of Touch

A Sense of TouchLearn to add and use bump switches with MartyIntroduction You will find out how to add bump switches to your Marty and how to use them in different ways such as avoiding obstacles and knowing when to kick a football!How do you connect bump switches to Marty? How do you use them? […]

Teach Marty to Walk

Teach Marty to WalkLearn to break down commands by teaching Marty how to walk!Introduction Using Scratch 3, you will code Marty walking without using the built in command. You will need to think about how different parts of Marty’s body need to move to step right and left. You will progress from writing simple code […]

Egg and Spoon Race

Egg and Spoon Race Get crafty and help Marty carry an egg quickly but without dropping it to win a race!Introduction The egg and spoon race has been around for decades now, but this activity updates it with a modern twist! Instead of carrying the egg and spoon yourself, you must train Marty to complete […]

Going over the Edge

GOING over the edge Learn how to give Marty the ability to sense where the edge of the table isIntroduction We introduced bump switches in Activity 8 and gave a brief overview of some of their possible uses. In this activity we will detail how bump switches can be used to stop your Marty from […]

Winter Olympics: Skiing Marty

Winter Olympics: Skiing MartyDesign and build a pair of robot skis then code Marty to become a cross country skiing robotIntroduction You will design and build a suitable pair of robot skis for Marty then you will breakdown the individual movements needed to make Marty slide along a surface. Finally, you will use Scratch 3 […]

Marty's Super Speed Investigation

Marty’s Super Speed InvestigationWho would win in a Marty race? Get Marty on a starting line, write code for a countdown timer, investigate how far Marty moves in this time then get super speedy with Marty…ready…steady…GO!!!Introduction What is the fastest way for Marty to move? Walking forward? Sliding sideways? Using Scratch 3, you will code […]

Marty's Winter Wipeout

Using bump switches, code Marty to take on a Winter Wipeout obstacle course of your own design!

Tips and Tricks

Wee guides for getting the best from your Marty!


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