Raspberry Pi and ROS for Marty

Marty is usable all the way up to university level, and at the upper end of Marty's capabilities is our ROS (Robot Operating System) interface, which can be run by adding a Raspberry Pi to Marty.

With the Raspberry Pi, your Marty will have a powerful on-board computer, and will be capable of full autonomy, and even vision and speech processing.

This is an advanced interface, but we provide some easy tools to get started



This article explains how you can upgrade and extend Marty's capabilities with a Raspberry Pi and a camera

Robot football #1

Learn how to connect a Raspberry Pi and camera to Marty, install ROS, and follow a ball!

Intro to ROS

This article explains some basics about ROS, how Martys uses it, and why it's awesome

simulation with v-rep

V-Rep is a full physics simulator. You can use it alongside ROS to simulate a Marty (and other robots!)