Marty Scratch

Scratch is the easiest way to program your Marty.  Before you start this, make sure you've been through the Getting Started guides.

If you're looking for lesson plans and loads more Scratch activities have a look at our educational resources!

Quick Links:

Get Started with Scratch

intro to marty scratch

How to get Marty working in Scratch. Go here first!

introducing Scratch 3 for Marty

Details on our new Scratch 3 Beta extension for Marty

Scratch Activities and Examples

Marty's Perfect Parking

Problems parking? Code Marty with a distance sensor using Scratch 3 to help you out and guide your way to perfect parking!

Going Fishing with Marty

You can tell Marty when to pull the fishing rod out of the water to catch some fish using the built-in force sensors!

Marty Handshake

Use the built-in force sensors to create a secret handshake with your Marty