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Using Marty in your classroom is simple! All our education packs come with extras designed to help Marty work in an educational environment. Lesson plans and example activities are provided too.

From primary to tertiary education, Marty has something to offer your students

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Building a Marty is a fun and challenging experience for 1-3 students. Get hands on with mechanics and electronics, and in to the nuts and bolts of engineering.

Bringing a Marty to life is a rewarding experience for all



Skip straight to the coding, and be up and running in minutes with a pack of pre-assembled and pre-configured Martys,

Setting Up


All class packs come with a mini-router that provides a a WiFI network for Marty, so you don't need to rely on school wifi


Marty will automatically connect to the wifi and be ready to program in seconds


Connect your device to the Marty Wifi, and load the Marty Scratch page. It will automatically detect the Martys, and you're ready to go!


Get the martypy module on your devices, then connect to Marty WiFi and start coding!

Robot Kit Setup Guide

Robot Pre-built SetUp Guide

Training & Support

We're on hand to help you get the most out of your Martys!

Our team are on hand to help with any support you might need and if you purchase one of our classpacks then you'll receive half a days training with either someone from the Robotical team or one of our training partners! Our hands-on training days prepare you for taking Marty into the classroom, complete with some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your robots.

Find out about our training partners below,


I Am Learner is committed to delivering fun and effective workshops designed to give teachers the confidence to introduce robotics and coding to their pupils. They are a training and consultancy company that combines more than 60 years of working in real educational and technological projects across the world who understand the transformative powers of the digital and networking technologies for learning.

Dr. Marina Connell has long experience in education. She was a visiting Professor of ICT in Education at the University of Ss Cyril & Methodius, Institute of Pedagogy and at the International Balkan University. She is a game developer and expert in pedagogical aspects of digital games. She is a founding member of, and chief conference organiser (for 3 years), for Friends of Education

John has been a teacher, headteacher (school principal), local government officer, major project director (for Glow, Scotland's national connected schools programme), business development manager, & national digital learning strategist across Emerging Markets.

Learning Resources

Lesson plans, example activities, and more

We want to make it easy as possible to get started with Marty, so we've prepared an educator's guide to give you an overview of what you can do with Marty.

You can use our starter lesson plans directly in your class, or use them as inspiration to make your own!

In our educational resources section we've also got loads of example activities you can use to make your own lessons, or give your kids in code club

The Student Experience

We'll let the students speak for themselves

Each time I have done an experiment I have got more into science and robotics, I loved this session

Taking it Further


Marty is designed to hold a Raspberry Pi.

With a Pi on board you can add a camera and get Marty playing football, or use ROS, the Robot Operating System as used in academia and industry


All of Marty's parts can be 3D printed, so if you have access to a printer you can let your students make unique customisations to their Martys!


Add extras distance sensors, LED grids, and get your students into some more advanced topics - like solving mazes, or showing how maths be used to predict the movement of a leg or smooth noisy sensor readings.

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